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Total Travel was established in Wenatchee in 1988. Because of the fast changing pace of the travel industry and Total Travel’s desire to provide the best travel solutions for leisure and commercial travel, Total Travel has established two very important relationships.

For our leisure clients, Total Travel is a member of Signature Travel Network, the top travel consortium in the country. Signature was established in 1956 and is owned and operated by the member travel agency owners. This unique company helps provides our clients with excellent tours and cruise pricing and private offers, group pricing, special amenities, luxury hotel exclusive offers and very strong relationships with our travel partners.

For our corporate clients, our goal is to provide the necessary programs to secure the best value while providing the highest service level in the industry. Total Travel became a branch of the Tzell Travel Group in 2007. Tzell is one of the largest travel management companies in the country. Cost management with integration of technology and preferred vendor relationships will offer businesses the opportunity to maximize their travel dollars while providing the traveler with the best travel options. Some of the benefits we are able to provide are:

  • Provide corporate clients with unique opportunities only available to the top travel management companies.
  • Preferred relations with most major airlines worldwide
  • Preferential access to airlines not available through normal channels; i.e. ability to reserve seats on British Air if booked through our office; opportunities for private first class domestic tickets in certain markets; opportunities to purchase business class fares at full coach rates on certain airlines, subject to availability; upgrades may be available on select airlines; high priority to clear waitlists
  • Tzell has private and negotiated rates at many of the top New York hotels as well as special negotiated hotel rates at many of the world’s major cities.

Our company is committed to provide consistent, high quality travel services for our clients. This commitment is reflected in the technology, experience and professional of our staff. We look forward to helping you with all your travel arrangements.

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